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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We went down last Thursday and picked up our proofs. Now we have to figure out which ones to put into the album and all that stuff. But I'm glad we finally got them, and the look GREAT! We are REALLY happy with the way that they came out. I am working on the thank you cards now that we have the pictures too. So keep an eye out in the mail for them. :)

Monday, June 30, 2008

Honeymoon Pictures!

These the pictures we have from the honeymoon! ENJOY!


Most of these pictures are unedited, but some have been. They are of Nick and I before the wedding and a few after. Once we get more (from the photographer) we'll post those.

Story of the Wedding and Honeymoon

I wrote this to a friend in an email and thought "why rewrite it when I can copy and paste it on the blog" so here you go!

The Wedding:
Everything was going insane as it is supposed to. It is beautiful outside and we have our pre-wedding pictures taken and then around 2:45 people start showing up. And so does my Aunt Annie (Ann Young -alpacas), who I love so much, but she tells us that she just came from Deposit and the storm clouds are coming this way! So we wait until 3 to see what happens (that's when the wedding was supposed to start). 3 comes and the sky is dark and it's windy so we decide to wait a little bit. I'm in the reception hall with my girls while everyone else is outside scoping out the weather and all of a sudden silence.......WE LOST POWER AT THE RECEOPTION HALL! The caterers had just arrived and had to call back to the restaurant to tell them they were coming back to cook the food and then bringing it back. They were working by candle light and flashlight. I was sitting there and trying not to cry...which I didn't. I did start laughing like a crazy woman though. So finally it's like 3:20 and I say let's just do it, it looks fine out just a little windy. So we get the show on the road.
I walk down the isle escorted by my mom and as soon as I reach Nick and the pastor I feel sprinkling of raindrops!!! So I quickly tell the pastor to hop in the gazebo and Nick and I follow. We get through about 5 minutes of the ceremony (which was only like 15 min to begin with and now the pastor is talking really fast and trying to skip stuff) and it starts DOWN POURING, THUNDERING, AND LIGHTENING! and some people started running while others were sitting there so I looked out at the people and told them to go inside!!! The wedding party and parents all hopped into the gazebo with us and we finished up the ceremony (which I couldn't help but giggle like a madwoman through because of everything happening and we were still getting married). It kept pouring, thundering, and lightening and we kept on going. Then we stayed out in the gazebo for pictures (our poor photographers were SOAKED!!!) Finally it let up to a light rain and we were done with pictures and walked up to the reception hall, which I should mention is still without power. (The owners have NO generator for the place either) It was a good thing that I had a TON of candles for the decorations because we needed them. So we were introduced and started eating. My godmother went to her house to pick up a large generator that she had on back of a truck (or her boyfriend had) and we used that to light up the where the food now was. Finally about 2 and a half hours after the power went out (and about 20 minutes after the generator) we got power back! Oh was it a crazy day!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realize it probably sounds like a bunch of bologna and that's why were considering selling the story to Hollywood (just kidding on that one).

I should also mention that once we were inside and introduced it stopped raining COMPLETELY and the sun came out. It did drizzle like a wet mist later around 6 but only for about 10 minutes.

We are kicking ourselves in the butt though because we cancelled the videography services a couple weeks before, and we now we're like DARN IT! it would have been soooo funny to watch and show people, because telling it really doesn't capture it as well.

I will say that even though all that went "wrong" it was perfect. Nick and I still were able to have our intimate ceremony like we really wanted, and we honestly wouldn't change a thing of the day because it was truly an "us" day: action packed and full of mayhem! Plus it's just another thing we laugh about because our guests were like "this is the worst wedding ever" and we're thinking it was the best.

The honeymoon was FANTASTIC!!! We had so much fun. We went snorkeling, site seeing, and 4wheeler riding, and of course laid around on the beach (but not too much of the last one). We were always on the move to go see something or do something! It was amazing and beautiful!
The trip home was eh(considering we were coming home) but turned bad once we reached JFK car rentals. We hadn't reserved one because I tried before but the wait time was too long when I called so I hung up and forgot about it due to the wedding preparations. So we just figured it would be fine though because it's JFK! First place we went to...don't accept debit cards AND we have no credit cards on us. second place we go to TAKES debit cards, only has a truck (but hey we'll take a moped), but doesn't have a DROP OFF in UPSTATE!! Third place has cars available for reservations which we can call and make, and takes debit card! YAY!!!!!!! So I call to make the reservation for the cheapest car they have available for 1 day 1 way and the price is $420! UGH!!!!! Forget that. So we go to another and they have no cars available. Go to another, they have cars, take debit card, NO UPSTATE DROP OFF!! By this time we have spent over and hour going from place to place and waiting in lines only to be told either no or yes, yes, oh no sorry. I'm on the verge of tears because Nick is freaking out about how we're going to get home, and I can't calm him down. So I call Kayla and ask if she'll pick us up at the Dover train station. Nick continues freaking out even though we have a way home, but this time it's because he is scared to ride the subway at 9pm. Finally I "convince" him it will be fine we get on the subway and wait for our stop (good 45 minutes). By now my pregnant body was HUNGRY and have to pee. We locate the train we need buy tickets to middletown first because I thought that's what nick wanted to do, then tells me to buy tickets for dover. So i got back in line bought tickets for dover and we had 10 minutes before boarding. SO I quickly found a bathroom and we had 5 minutes to board the train. We get on the train and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all is well. We ride the train to Dover, get off it, and Kayla is waiting for us. Once we get into the car I check my pocket for my card so Nick and I could get something to eat (because we were all out of CASH) and I lost my debit card!!! It must have been on the train, because I had it up until then. So I run back to the train to try and get back on and it starts to leave. So now we are cash-less and debit card-less. Luckily, Kayla had thought we'd be hungry and thirsty and bought us some snacks. So when I get back to Kayla's parent's house (in Hackettstown) I call and cancel my debit card and then we zonk out until the morning! We leave the house early Sunday morning and make it safely back to NY & home. Only to find out that we forgot a bag at the house in NJ. lol.

All we can do is laugh, and that's what we did.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I don't know how many final countdowns before this I've said that, but really this time it is! I just thought I'd swing by mom's to post what is going on this week quickly before running off to pick up my dress.

So today:
Going to Middletown to pick up my dress at DB and have my veils steamed or whatever they do to them. FINGERS CROSSED IT FITS PERFECT!!! (otherwise I don't know what will happen)

After getting the dress running a few errands to make sure that I have everything needed for Saturday and for Friday night when the girls stay over.
Finish the "C"

Honesdale to get a spray tan because sun tanning is a big no-no when pregnant (and when not). Then dropping stuff off at the hall, going to Terry's to pick more stuff up to take over.
Nick and the guys are going to Binghamton to try on and pick up their tuxes. Steven & Rachel (Nick's brother and his sister-in-law) are arriving in Newburgh.

Bringing over any remaining stuff. Decorating.
Boys run to Binghamton to pick up the last minute items:chairs and helium tank
Write notes for the caterer
Rehearsal & Dinner
SLEEEEEEP (I'll try)

Rise and shine early! Hair appointments begin at 8am sharp
Pictures at 1:30
Wedding at 3:00
Eat at 4:30

Finish cleaning up the hall
Return items to binghamton
Drop dogs and cat off at parents'
Last minute packing and checking of suitcases for honeymoon

3:00AM leave for JFK
9:30AM plane leaves for Dominican Republic

and the rest...well is soon to be history. Of course I could have gone into more detail on each item but I'll spare you the insanity that we are beginning to feel. :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

9 DAYS!!!

Sorry that it has been AWHILE since I have been on here. At the house we only have dial up which annoys the crap out of me, thus making my internet experiences minimal. Anyways though, a lot has happened and I'll try to catch you up. (I'll keep try to keep the details short too)

I had my fitting and guess what!!! IT WAS TIGHT! Yes ma'ams and sirs. They are letting it out 1 INCH! I never thought that was going to happen, because when I went to pick it up (when I first got it) I was FREAKING- saying that they should have ordered me a size smaller; they just wanted me to waste more money on alterations...well now I'm glad they didn't. I had my fitting a week ago yesterday and don't pick up my dress until the 11th, so keep the fingers crossed that everything will be A-OKAY!!! I'm sure it will be.

Nick and I went this Tuesday to pick up the flowers and they are really nice. BUT... (of course there is a but) we were 4 corsages short, and the centerpieces were WAY too small. So Wednesday I ran to Binghamton picked up more hydrangeas and dropped them off to the lady who is doing the flowers for the corsages. The centerpieces I am just going to do myself. So that is what I was supposed to be doing today, but I probably won't get it done until tomorrow. Along with that I am going to be working on a "C" sign to go on the fireplace. (hard to explain. If all goes well, you'll see it, if not, then I'll try to explain what I tried creating)

There really is a lot more to write but I'm going to cut it short for now, because I have to get going home soon. (I'm at Nick's parent's)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shower! Bridal Shower That Is...

Saturday was my bridal shower, and it was very nice! I enjoyed myself a lot and hope that everyone that came did so as well. It was beautifully decorated, and the food was very delicious! Thank you to everyone who came, and those who could not but sent their wishes. Also thank you to everyone for the wonderful loot I came home with ;). I absolutely LOVE everything! You are all the best!! Thanks again! I really hope you enjoyed yourself; I know it did. And thank you to Kayla for not making me wear one of those silly bow hats...which I should say thank you to Caity for collecting all the bows from me before anyone could think of creating such a thing! ;) I'll try and put pictures on here when I get them from mom.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Invitations Mailed!!

I mailed out the invitations yesterday, which means you should be checking your mailbox for one today! (or in a few days depending where you live)

And of course I have a story to go with it... So I took my DavidsBridal box full of invitations ready to be mailed out with 58 cent stamps on them to the counter and asked if I could just give it to them like that. The lady takes one out and says "Who told you the postage for these?" and I said "East Branch P.O." meanwhile thinking "Darn it! I knew I shouldn't have gone there and asked Dixie! Darn it!!" and she says "well these need 97cents to be mailed." Now I'm looking at her like she is crazy and giving her puppy dog eyes at the same time (yes I am gifted). So she calls over her higher up and asks what she thinks. The lady says "What's this bump?" I say "A bow"
"What kind of bow?"
"Fabric, light ribbon"
"Well it might go through. We can try it, and hopefully it will work. I just don't want you to be angry if you get all these back because of insufficient postage, but I think because it is a fabric bow it should give when the roller goes over it, otherwise you will need more postage."
"It's fine; just mail them out"

And that's how it went. Of course it did take a little longer because of all the touchy feely of the invitation that was happening at this time. So let me apologize to the person who gets their invitation and has finger prints all over the front of it. And please know...those darn bows were all hand-tied by me, and so I was not removing them after all the work I did to get them on there.

That's the story, and I hope you love your invitation. Already I apologize for a misspelling on a name. My sources and I had a communication error. oops!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


We finally hit below the 75 day mark. I shouldn't say finally, because it has been going pretty fast. And good news...We FINALLY received our income tax refunds! Now the wedding planning can continue. Which it has. We ordered the groomsmen gifts, and I ordered the calla lilies needed for my bouquet as well as the reception. Mailed a check to the dj, photog. & videog, and am holding onto one for the "florist". (Which reminds me that I should call her). I was looking at my calendar yesterday at school and noticed that I need to get my butt going with these invitations. We should have them mailed out between April 19-May 3, because that's 6-8 weeks before the wedding. HOLY MOLY, huh??

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Here's something neat. I was looking online for programs that allow you to create photo books. I checked out all the common photo sites (snapfish, photobucket, kodak, etc) and then I came across this: www.blurb.com it is a site that allows you to download the book making program onto your computer, and you can make more than just photo books. I'm excited I downloaded it, and am in the process of making a book about this blog. It takes all the entries and compiles them into a book. It really is neat, and I thought would be nice to have later on in life as a tool to look back on this whole experience. :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

NEW flower girl dress and ring bearer tux!!

So I was hunting online for a ring bearer tux that had a pink vest and tie and came across the following:

How cute is this!? Of course the bow tie is a NO, NO! We like the regular tie.

And in my hunt I came across a different flower girl's dress that I like better:

It will have a pink bow though. But how cute?!?


Ok I realize that I am really 10 days late, but it has honestly hit me how close to the wedding we are getting! I'm not too stressed out, but I am freaking because we haven't gotten our income tax money back yet and I filed them in January!!!!!!!!! (AND it's direct deposit!!) So there really is nothing that we CAN do because we have no money. lol. But as soon as it comes I'm sure things will start rolling along again. I have been working on the invitations. I am waiting for the extra card I ordered directing people to the website (the official one, not the blog) to RSVP and/or for directions to the camp. So as soon as those come in I will start tying bows and writing the inner envelope information then slappin some labels on the front and good to GO!!!!!!! How exciting!!!! We really like the invitations (obviously), they are simple yet classic. The best of both worlds!!

Honeymoon update...

So we booked the honeymoon on March 8th (Sat), and I decided to take my at home pregnancy test(s) on Sunday. Well four tests later I began to rethink the whole honeymoon thing. Monday I made an appointment with the doctor, and Weds. I went for it. Surprise! I'm pregnant! :) (I'm sure you already knew that esp. if you read the other blog first)...So I come home and call up the travel agency we went through and request for the honeymoon to be cancelled.... Mind you- we only paid $1896.50 for the entire thing... So I explain what happened and why we need to cancel only to find out that it will cost us $1150!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! So I try to call back and talk with a different person...no luck. So I try again...nope. Looks like we are going on the honeymoon after all! Doesn't bother me too much, because I figure if we didn't go now- we never would! So we are still going to the beautiful Dominican Republic!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Woot! Woot!

So we are super excited right now. We just got done booking our HONEYMOOOOOONNNNN!! Maybe we are a little too excited over this, but I don't think so. We are going to the Dominican Republic and staying from 6/16/08-6/21/08. We got a SUPER deal. It is an all-inclusive resort with VERY NICE ROOMS (& BATHROOMS!!!) and of course beaches! We can't wait!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So I was down to mom's and we were talking about the time of the wedding, and I went to check to see if I could find the proof of the invitations on DB website to settle the problem. Well I checked and it said that they were shipped out and delivered on 1/31/08! I freaked because I didn't have any invitations at my house. I didn't see any *new* boxes on the porch. Please understand that on our porch we had several large boxes full of the vases for the centerpieces/favors that were delivered, but be hadn't had time to go through to make sure everything was ok. So I freaked and called UPS and they told me I would have to contact DB. I forgot about it for the night because Nick and I went bowling with Jen and Heath. Then the next morning I woke up and went down stairs....the box WAS there, BUT it was under one of the boxes with the vases in it. The UPS guy must have picked up the one box and put it there then put the box back on top. ( I know this because we got the vases BEFORE we got the invitations) So I spent all day Sunday assembling them and getting them ready for when we start to address them, which we will probably get to very shortly since the time is ticking away!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

So long...

It has been such a long time since I posted last, or at least it feels like it. Not much has happened in terms of the wedding, but some so I'll spill on that...In an earlier post I mentioned that we ordered all the vases for the centerpieces/favors and well THEY CAME! It was on a day when I was sick and Terry had taken me to the doctors. When we got back there were these HUGE packages sitting OUTSIDE in the RAIN!!! So we had to carry them in, and they were HEAVY!! Since then though they have been sitting on the porch. This weekend/week I have make it a priority to go through them and look at each one to make sure non are broken. What else???

Oh- Nikki called about the flowers; she has them all at her house and wanted me to come look at them. I went and looked at them and we are pretty satisfied with them. We need to make some minor changes to the flowers she got, but overall I think it is going to work out just fine :)

This week I have to get my butt in gear and call the caterer to let him know the menu choices we have decided upon. I was supposed to do it sometime in Jan/Feb. so I'm not late on that, but getting close.

Other than that we are just at a stand still with the wedding until our income tax checks come in, then we should be on the ball and rolling again. (kinda hard to do things without the money there...teehee)

Sunday, January 27, 2008


After a long day last week Nick and I were greeted with a brown box from UPS on the porch waiting eagerly for us. So of course we took it into the house were it was warm and opened it...it was our.......... ring bearer pillow, flower girl baskets, guestbook & pen, and garter set from David's Bridal!! They are so cute and pretty! Now I just can't wait to take them down to Pat and Terry's (Nick's parents) to be stored away until the wedding. I'm starting to wonder when they are going to start charging us a storage renting fee because everything is down there! lol.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Flowers Update

So we were going to get the flowers from an online vendor who is absolutely fantastic. The flowers look so real, but the price was a bit expensive, and we are at that time where we are trying to cut costs where we can. So Nick was talking to his friend a couple months back and he mentioned that his wife does flowers. We already had a vendor, but never kept her out of our mind. So the other weekend we went over to Nicki and John's house to see her portfolio and talk. Well long story short she is going to do the flowers, and it will probably save us about $1000 (my estimate) if not more! How could we say no?! I mean the flowers probably aren't going to be as high quality as the ones from the internet, but I told her I want them to look as real as possible with a reasonable price tag, and she's all for it! We are SOOOOO happy we found her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a Roll!!!

So this weekend was really busy for us in regards to wedding planning and getting things done! We ordered the invitations, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, guest book & pen, and garter set from davidsbridal.com! Then on Saturday we went to Binghamton and picked out the tuxes! While in Binghamton we swung by Maines Warehouse and picked up tablecloths, cups, and all that good stuff. Saturday night when we got home we ordered the remaining centerpiece/favor vases, our toasting flutes, serving set, and cake topper! On Sunday I went to Oneonta, while Nick was down in Jersey picking up his newest eBay purchase, and picked up our plates from BJs. We picked up the silverware from BJs last weekend so we are all set on that. (everything is plastic- but they are REALLY NICE!!)

And on Sunday I got a phone call from Nicki, the girl who is doing our flowers, and she told me she picked up a bunch of stuff on Saturday, but not everything. She's waiting for the roses to go on sale, and we talked about the calla lilies. So that seems pretty well underway. (I'll write another blog about the flowers because they changed sorta)

Oh and today, Monday, I am sending out the check for the DJ so that is also taken care of! Well it's actually Tuesday when it will go out because of no mail today.

Even though a lot of what we got done this weekend, and bought are small details we are still relieved to have them completed or at least started. One less thing to worry about days before the wedding:)