Well, we created this page to keep anyone and everyone who is interested in the behind the scenes of our wedding up to date with what is going on. So thanks for stopping by, don't forget to bookmark this page and visit it frequently because once the ball starts rollin...there's no stoppin!

Don't forget to check out the "official" website for all the final details & more information:


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I was getting ready for bed, and going through my ritual of compulsive email checking when I happened to notice my countdown to the wedding on my igoogle page. 199 days left. Finally under the 200 mark! I can't believe it!! Next big marker is 150. Nothing really special about it except for the number sticks in my head. It's coming, and keeps coming faster and faster. We are pretty well set though. I am ordering the bridesmaid dresses either Thursday or Friday this week so they will be all set. Once the holidays are over Nick and I are going to check out tuxes, and from then on it's all the little details that have to be taken care of, but are already well thought out and accounted for (for the most part). Smooooooooth sailin :)

Just thought I'd share my moment of excitement and pure love with everyone! I truly am the luckiest girl alive!! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So it's 7:32 and Nick went to bed about an hour ago. Yes 6:30pm-he has to wake up at 3am, so I can't really blame him. But that leaves me awake with nothing to do... Well, I could do homework or... I could do wedding stuff. I chose the latter. I was online and found an awesome deal on the bridesmaid's gifts. I'm so excited. I bet you can't guess where I got them from...AMAZON! (of course) But seriously, I wanted the girls to be as matchy matchy as possible, and I wanted to get them something nice, but every place I looked was too expensive. Then I hit the jackpot! I can't disclose what they are because the girls read the site.

So now I'm "shopping" or should say browsing for reception and ceremony details trying to get ideas so I can show Nick tomorrow or sometime to see what he thinks. And I've been hunting for flower girl and ring bearer gifts, which I think I might have figured out what to get them. I know it's early to be doing all this, but if we can get it out of the way now it's one less thing to worry about later. (that's become my mantra) I am thinking backpacks with their names embroidered. I thought it was practical and cute (because you can choose different colors, and any little kid with a backpack is adorable). But I have to see what the posse thinks about it, because not everyone thinks what I think is cute or a good idea. We'll see...

I'm off to "shopping" again, wish me luck!!

Monday, November 5, 2007


We have our officiant!! Many of you probably know him or know of him. It is Rev. Dwight Edwards. He used to be the pastor at the Readburn Assembly of God church, and his wife used to babysit Austin and I when we were little. We are so excited that he said yes. He's even excited about the Elvis Costume & wig we asked him to wear!!! (just joking!)

Wedding Website

We created an official wedding website. I know you're probably thinking, what's the point you already have the blog?! But we figured the website is a good thing to have for all the final details of the wedding to be displayed, whereas the blog is all the background mayhem of the wedding details is posted. So here is our site it's not much different from this webaddress, only shorter: www.crystalnnick.com . We are still working on it, and will continue to work on it as time goes by. So it's just another thing for you to check (if you're that interested). The really cool thing about it though are the sub-pages (wedding party, RSVP, Directions, Out of Towners). I think they will be helpful when it becomes closer to the date. Let us know what you think though!