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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Places To Stay in Waimanalo

Here are some more places to stay in Waimanalo. Most of them are beach houses/cottages. Some have really good rates! I am emailing the ones with the already good rates to find out if we could get a discount for wedding guests who choose to stay there also. I'll let you know how that goes.
Studio $85 a night!!!! (I'm not sure if they offer anything besides a studio though)
Looks nice, seems comparably reasonable.
Nice looking cottages, studio-3bedroom. Cheapest I've found so far!!
Best for people who don't mind sharing a house with other family/person(s).

Here are some hotels: (These were given to my by Capt. Howie [wedding officiant])



Monday, July 16, 2007


We thought it might be good to show a map for reference. This is the island of Oahu. The arrow points to where the wedding will be taking place.


The date is official, June 17, 2008 at 8:30am. We are sending out letters that we have already typed up that say a midday wedding, please note that this is incorrect. The afternoon was already booked, and so we took the morning. The owner said that for the best pictures and privacy the morning time is the better anyway. There is a time difference of 6 hours, so waking up for it shouldn't be that bad. Just thought we'd let you in on our excitement that it's BOOKED!


We have found some really fun sounding activities that take place on the island of Oahu. They range from low-key to xtreme activities. Some of the things that Nick and I will definitely be doing is renting a motorcycle and driving around the island, snorkeling, luau's, bicycling 5 miles down a mountain, and I'm trying to talk him into diving underwater in a cage to see the sharks swim by and taking a helicopter ride. I have plenty of time to work on those two. There are TONS of things to do, and if you are making this a vacation (GOOD FOR YOU!)-we thought you might be interested in some of these.

Below are the websites where we found these activities (some are repeated), along with the general prices for the activities:

Of course you can always relax on the beach, worshiping the fiery blaze in the sky while watching the ocean waves, for free.


I have been looking online and have a few options for places to stay. There are vacation rentals in Waimanalo (where we will be married) as well as in other places on the island. I thought you should know though, that most of the activities that take place on the island do so from Waikiki and Honolulu (which is about 20 min away from Waimanalo). I haven't looked for vacation rentals in either of these places, but I am sure that they have them.

Here are some websites for:
(1) rentals in Waimanalo http://www.beachhousehawaii.com/beachhousehawaii_c/index.cfm?fuseaction=sitecontent.default&objectID=498&parentID=498
and (2) all of Oahu Island:

I think that some of the deals are pretty good especially if you don't mind sharing a house with another family or person.

Also-I have been looking at cheaptickets.com (b/c they seem to be the cheapest) vacation packages (not for exact dates yet b/c can't yet) and find that you can get a pretty decent deal for a hotel room in honolulu with a plane ticket. It really is up to whichever you would prefer, but I'd be happy to help along the way.

Friday, July 6, 2007

We've Decided....

We've decided, and despite the out-numbering of votes for New York, we are having a very intimate ceremony in Hawaii, because ultimately this is what we both want: very private, intimate, and special. We are having the wedding on the island of Oahu at Waimanalo Beach on June 17, 2008(well this still has to be made official). Yes, we realize it is a Tuesday, but it's been our anniversary, and we don't really want a different date. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them. And now the biggest obstacle is trying to figure out trip expenses (but we can't yet because flights only show 330 days in advance).

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Payment Plan

We found a company that will help us and our guests arrange travel details for the wedding (flight & rooming) that offers a payment plan. The payment plan holds your reservation, and you can make monthly payments up to 30-60 days before the date of the wedding!!! Their services are free, and the payment plan is interest free so all the money contributed goes towards the travel package!! We thought this might be a good option for some people! Let us know what you think!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hawaii Sites

Here are some of the places we are thinking of using in Hawaii for the wedding. We have found these two so far:

If you know of any sites or places please let us know, as we are still looking.


Here or There?

Well we have our first wedding dilemma: to have a traditional wedding here, or to get married in Hawaii. When we got first engaged we wanted Hawaii, but over time we have leaned towards a traditional here wedding, but now we are leaning back towards Hawaii. If we chose Hawaii we will get married and have our immediate family, (and whoever else wants/can come) and then have a "reception"/BBQ when we return. The price is about the same for both.

So I guess my main concern would be: would people come to the very casual "reception"/BBQ? and if we had it streamed LIVE through the net would people watch it (or is that a waste of money)?

We really need some input, so any ideas/advice is welcome!!

Where should we have the wedding
New York