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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We went down last Thursday and picked up our proofs. Now we have to figure out which ones to put into the album and all that stuff. But I'm glad we finally got them, and the look GREAT! We are REALLY happy with the way that they came out. I am working on the thank you cards now that we have the pictures too. So keep an eye out in the mail for them. :)

Monday, June 30, 2008

Honeymoon Pictures!

These the pictures we have from the honeymoon! ENJOY!


Most of these pictures are unedited, but some have been. They are of Nick and I before the wedding and a few after. Once we get more (from the photographer) we'll post those.

Story of the Wedding and Honeymoon

I wrote this to a friend in an email and thought "why rewrite it when I can copy and paste it on the blog" so here you go!

The Wedding:
Everything was going insane as it is supposed to. It is beautiful outside and we have our pre-wedding pictures taken and then around 2:45 people start showing up. And so does my Aunt Annie (Ann Young -alpacas), who I love so much, but she tells us that she just came from Deposit and the storm clouds are coming this way! So we wait until 3 to see what happens (that's when the wedding was supposed to start). 3 comes and the sky is dark and it's windy so we decide to wait a little bit. I'm in the reception hall with my girls while everyone else is outside scoping out the weather and all of a sudden silence.......WE LOST POWER AT THE RECEOPTION HALL! The caterers had just arrived and had to call back to the restaurant to tell them they were coming back to cook the food and then bringing it back. They were working by candle light and flashlight. I was sitting there and trying not to cry...which I didn't. I did start laughing like a crazy woman though. So finally it's like 3:20 and I say let's just do it, it looks fine out just a little windy. So we get the show on the road.
I walk down the isle escorted by my mom and as soon as I reach Nick and the pastor I feel sprinkling of raindrops!!! So I quickly tell the pastor to hop in the gazebo and Nick and I follow. We get through about 5 minutes of the ceremony (which was only like 15 min to begin with and now the pastor is talking really fast and trying to skip stuff) and it starts DOWN POURING, THUNDERING, AND LIGHTENING! and some people started running while others were sitting there so I looked out at the people and told them to go inside!!! The wedding party and parents all hopped into the gazebo with us and we finished up the ceremony (which I couldn't help but giggle like a madwoman through because of everything happening and we were still getting married). It kept pouring, thundering, and lightening and we kept on going. Then we stayed out in the gazebo for pictures (our poor photographers were SOAKED!!!) Finally it let up to a light rain and we were done with pictures and walked up to the reception hall, which I should mention is still without power. (The owners have NO generator for the place either) It was a good thing that I had a TON of candles for the decorations because we needed them. So we were introduced and started eating. My godmother went to her house to pick up a large generator that she had on back of a truck (or her boyfriend had) and we used that to light up the where the food now was. Finally about 2 and a half hours after the power went out (and about 20 minutes after the generator) we got power back! Oh was it a crazy day!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realize it probably sounds like a bunch of bologna and that's why were considering selling the story to Hollywood (just kidding on that one).

I should also mention that once we were inside and introduced it stopped raining COMPLETELY and the sun came out. It did drizzle like a wet mist later around 6 but only for about 10 minutes.

We are kicking ourselves in the butt though because we cancelled the videography services a couple weeks before, and we now we're like DARN IT! it would have been soooo funny to watch and show people, because telling it really doesn't capture it as well.

I will say that even though all that went "wrong" it was perfect. Nick and I still were able to have our intimate ceremony like we really wanted, and we honestly wouldn't change a thing of the day because it was truly an "us" day: action packed and full of mayhem! Plus it's just another thing we laugh about because our guests were like "this is the worst wedding ever" and we're thinking it was the best.

The honeymoon was FANTASTIC!!! We had so much fun. We went snorkeling, site seeing, and 4wheeler riding, and of course laid around on the beach (but not too much of the last one). We were always on the move to go see something or do something! It was amazing and beautiful!
The trip home was eh(considering we were coming home) but turned bad once we reached JFK car rentals. We hadn't reserved one because I tried before but the wait time was too long when I called so I hung up and forgot about it due to the wedding preparations. So we just figured it would be fine though because it's JFK! First place we went to...don't accept debit cards AND we have no credit cards on us. second place we go to TAKES debit cards, only has a truck (but hey we'll take a moped), but doesn't have a DROP OFF in UPSTATE!! Third place has cars available for reservations which we can call and make, and takes debit card! YAY!!!!!!! So I call to make the reservation for the cheapest car they have available for 1 day 1 way and the price is $420! UGH!!!!! Forget that. So we go to another and they have no cars available. Go to another, they have cars, take debit card, NO UPSTATE DROP OFF!! By this time we have spent over and hour going from place to place and waiting in lines only to be told either no or yes, yes, oh no sorry. I'm on the verge of tears because Nick is freaking out about how we're going to get home, and I can't calm him down. So I call Kayla and ask if she'll pick us up at the Dover train station. Nick continues freaking out even though we have a way home, but this time it's because he is scared to ride the subway at 9pm. Finally I "convince" him it will be fine we get on the subway and wait for our stop (good 45 minutes). By now my pregnant body was HUNGRY and have to pee. We locate the train we need buy tickets to middletown first because I thought that's what nick wanted to do, then tells me to buy tickets for dover. So i got back in line bought tickets for dover and we had 10 minutes before boarding. SO I quickly found a bathroom and we had 5 minutes to board the train. We get on the train and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all is well. We ride the train to Dover, get off it, and Kayla is waiting for us. Once we get into the car I check my pocket for my card so Nick and I could get something to eat (because we were all out of CASH) and I lost my debit card!!! It must have been on the train, because I had it up until then. So I run back to the train to try and get back on and it starts to leave. So now we are cash-less and debit card-less. Luckily, Kayla had thought we'd be hungry and thirsty and bought us some snacks. So when I get back to Kayla's parent's house (in Hackettstown) I call and cancel my debit card and then we zonk out until the morning! We leave the house early Sunday morning and make it safely back to NY & home. Only to find out that we forgot a bag at the house in NJ. lol.

All we can do is laugh, and that's what we did.