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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Photographer, Videographer & Maybe Funny Story

So Nick and I are looking for both a Photog, and Videog. which the growing trend seems to be super high prices, because everyone is a millionaire these days (or at least think they are), but reality check...WE AREN'T!! So if you know of ANYONE who does EITHER please give us their information so we can check them out and compare them with the people we have found already.

So now the maybe funny story...We got a DVD from a company that does photog, videog, DJ, live bands, and photo montages. So of course I watched it, and then the next night watched it again with Nick (he was too tired & interested in 'Trick My Truck' the night before). While I must say we were overall pleased with everything we saw, except for the live band. So the DVD is over and Nick looks at me and says "wow, this is coming up really fast. We are getting married SOON. Now I'm getting nervous [bc of all the people]" and I was like "well compared to 3 years, yea I'd say 9 1/2 months is pretty soon, but at the same time-not really". But it was more funny in real life because you could see the look of shock-like whoa it hit him, & how scared/nervous he is about having to be in front of all those people and DANCE, lol. (His biggest anxiety!!) I just thought it was funny that he was sorta freakin this far away, and wonder how he'll be when it gets even closer...oh no! lol

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Dress

I went dress shopping on Monday (the 13th) with Terry (Nick's mom) and I thought it'd be so easy, go there try on dresses and bam that's the one. Well it sort of went like that. I got there with my list & tried on I think 3 or 4 from it. I knocked out a few in no time, and some without even putting them on, then decided I wanted to try dress A and dress B which were shown on a mannequins. Here's where it got sticky. I try dress A on and was floored; I loved it!! But I figured I might as well try dress B just to see what it looks like (never should have done that). I put that one on and... I loved it! lol. So the next 45 minutes was spent walking around in each dress, trying them on and off, and finally I decided to go with my first impression of both; I went with dress A. Although it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be, I still had A LOT of fun & can't wait to go pick it up around Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

We are trying to get as much as we can done now, so that the months before aren't insane & I'll be able to focus on school more than the wedding (at least in theory that's how it is supposed to work). I'm super excited, & Nick- he's playing it cool.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Change of Plans

We have once again changed our minds, but this is the FINAL decision. We are going to have the wedding here. With Nick starting his new job there are a lot of uncertainties, and this will ultimately make things less complicated; plus we've come to realize that some very important people in our lives would be unable to make it to Hawaii. Sorry to keep changing, but like we said earlier, this is the final decision. If you've already researched, don't let it go to waste use it for a vacation!! We are going to try and honeymoon there still.