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Sunday, January 27, 2008


After a long day last week Nick and I were greeted with a brown box from UPS on the porch waiting eagerly for us. So of course we took it into the house were it was warm and opened it...it was our.......... ring bearer pillow, flower girl baskets, guestbook & pen, and garter set from David's Bridal!! They are so cute and pretty! Now I just can't wait to take them down to Pat and Terry's (Nick's parents) to be stored away until the wedding. I'm starting to wonder when they are going to start charging us a storage renting fee because everything is down there! lol.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Flowers Update

So we were going to get the flowers from an online vendor who is absolutely fantastic. The flowers look so real, but the price was a bit expensive, and we are at that time where we are trying to cut costs where we can. So Nick was talking to his friend a couple months back and he mentioned that his wife does flowers. We already had a vendor, but never kept her out of our mind. So the other weekend we went over to Nicki and John's house to see her portfolio and talk. Well long story short she is going to do the flowers, and it will probably save us about $1000 (my estimate) if not more! How could we say no?! I mean the flowers probably aren't going to be as high quality as the ones from the internet, but I told her I want them to look as real as possible with a reasonable price tag, and she's all for it! We are SOOOOO happy we found her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a Roll!!!

So this weekend was really busy for us in regards to wedding planning and getting things done! We ordered the invitations, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, guest book & pen, and garter set from davidsbridal.com! Then on Saturday we went to Binghamton and picked out the tuxes! While in Binghamton we swung by Maines Warehouse and picked up tablecloths, cups, and all that good stuff. Saturday night when we got home we ordered the remaining centerpiece/favor vases, our toasting flutes, serving set, and cake topper! On Sunday I went to Oneonta, while Nick was down in Jersey picking up his newest eBay purchase, and picked up our plates from BJs. We picked up the silverware from BJs last weekend so we are all set on that. (everything is plastic- but they are REALLY NICE!!)

And on Sunday I got a phone call from Nicki, the girl who is doing our flowers, and she told me she picked up a bunch of stuff on Saturday, but not everything. She's waiting for the roses to go on sale, and we talked about the calla lilies. So that seems pretty well underway. (I'll write another blog about the flowers because they changed sorta)

Oh and today, Monday, I am sending out the check for the DJ so that is also taken care of! Well it's actually Tuesday when it will go out because of no mail today.

Even though a lot of what we got done this weekend, and bought are small details we are still relieved to have them completed or at least started. One less thing to worry about days before the wedding:)