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Friday, April 18, 2008

Invitations Mailed!!

I mailed out the invitations yesterday, which means you should be checking your mailbox for one today! (or in a few days depending where you live)

And of course I have a story to go with it... So I took my DavidsBridal box full of invitations ready to be mailed out with 58 cent stamps on them to the counter and asked if I could just give it to them like that. The lady takes one out and says "Who told you the postage for these?" and I said "East Branch P.O." meanwhile thinking "Darn it! I knew I shouldn't have gone there and asked Dixie! Darn it!!" and she says "well these need 97cents to be mailed." Now I'm looking at her like she is crazy and giving her puppy dog eyes at the same time (yes I am gifted). So she calls over her higher up and asks what she thinks. The lady says "What's this bump?" I say "A bow"
"What kind of bow?"
"Fabric, light ribbon"
"Well it might go through. We can try it, and hopefully it will work. I just don't want you to be angry if you get all these back because of insufficient postage, but I think because it is a fabric bow it should give when the roller goes over it, otherwise you will need more postage."
"It's fine; just mail them out"

And that's how it went. Of course it did take a little longer because of all the touchy feely of the invitation that was happening at this time. So let me apologize to the person who gets their invitation and has finger prints all over the front of it. And please know...those darn bows were all hand-tied by me, and so I was not removing them after all the work I did to get them on there.

That's the story, and I hope you love your invitation. Already I apologize for a misspelling on a name. My sources and I had a communication error. oops!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


We finally hit below the 75 day mark. I shouldn't say finally, because it has been going pretty fast. And good news...We FINALLY received our income tax refunds! Now the wedding planning can continue. Which it has. We ordered the groomsmen gifts, and I ordered the calla lilies needed for my bouquet as well as the reception. Mailed a check to the dj, photog. & videog, and am holding onto one for the "florist". (Which reminds me that I should call her). I was looking at my calendar yesterday at school and noticed that I need to get my butt going with these invitations. We should have them mailed out between April 19-May 3, because that's 6-8 weeks before the wedding. HOLY MOLY, huh??